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Affordable Area rug cleaning in San Ramon, CA

Home owners and renters love to use area rugs in their homes on hardwood floors and on carpeting as well. Not only do they add to the ambiance of the room, they also protect the floor underneath in high traffic areas. Many consumers will purchase an expensive area rug only to see it quickly become soiled and tired looking after a few months. Instead of replacing the area rug why not have our company Earth Friendly Carpet complete an area rug cleaning in San Ramon, CA for you and add months or even years to the life of the carpet.

Area rug cleaning is becoming more and more popular because consumers are spending more money on their area rugs and they want to preserve their value. Regular cleaning can spruce them up and bring new life to the carpet. Instead of re-purposing them to the garage or throwing them out, why not have it cleaned. At the same time, add other rooms with carpeting, other area rugs or even your tiles and grout in the bathrooms to the list.

Call today to make an appointment, arrange for an area rug cleaning in San Ramon, CA, or obtain an estimate. Our team is ready to take on large and small cleaning jobs which will add years to the life of your carpets and flooring. In fact, regular cleaning will not only keep your floors and carpets looking great, they will add years to their life and save you thousands of dollars in the process.

Area rugs typically are placed in high traffic areas and they take the brunt of the foot traffic along with all the dust, pollen and dander from pets that is tracked into the home. Regular cleaning will keep them looking great and protect the rest of your home from the dust that can build up deep down in the pile of the carpet. Call today to arrange an appointment.