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Affordable Natural Stone Cleaning & Sealing in Pleasanton, CA

Know your stone

Why the type of stone influences the Natural Stone Cleaning & Sealing choices

You need to understand the type of stone you’re using before opting to any Natural Stone Cleaning & Sealing in Pleasanton, CA option. There are two broad categories of stones grouped according to composition; siliceous and calcareous stones. Siliceous stones are made are chiefly made of silica and other quartz-like particles. It is highly durable and much easier to clean by mild cleaning solutions. This family of stones includes sandstone, quartzite, sandstone, bluestone, slate and sandstone. Calcareous stones, on the other hand, are mainly composed of calcium carbonate. They are highly sensitive to acidic cleaning agents. For this reason, they require distinct cleaning procedures compared to siliceous stones. Such stones include travertine, limestone, onyx and marble. What may work on your siliceous stones may not work well on the calcareous stones.

As you would expect, the type of stone has an impact on its longevity. Limestone based stones are generally short-lived that any other type of stone. Siliceous stones last longer than any other type of stone but lacks magnetic properties - an essential feature required in most types of stones. Calcareous stones too lack magnetic properties, but their durability lies between that of Siliceous stones and limestone-based stones.

What type of stone is it?

It is important to keep records about the name, type and even the origin of all stones present in your building. How do you tell the type of stone present in your home? Here is how: 

l Consult the stone experts such as stone suppliers, installers and restoration specialists

l Conduct a visual identification by examining the stone and comparing it from a list of references

l Conduct an acid test by exposing them to mild acidic solutions

l Or just consult us for Affordable Natural Stone Cleaning & Sealing in Pleasanton, CA