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Benefits of Natural Stone Cleaning and Sealing in San Ramon, CA

Natural stones like marbles are softer and more porous as compared to the other types of stones. In that case, they require more care and maintenance for them to serve you efficiently. In this article, we look at the benefits of natural stone cleaning and sealing in San Ramon, CA and the steps involved in the process.

Steps of natural stone cleaning and sealing

Like any other type of cleaning, there are steps set for proper cleaning and sealing of natural stones. We highlight the steps below:

1. Pre-inspection

Pre-inspection is the first step to this process and is necessary for all natural stone cleaning and sealing processes.

2. Area Preparation

Your home is an important area, so it is better to prepare it well before beginning the process. Precautions must be taken to protect all the areas surrounding your stones.

3. The actual cleaning

In this step, the professional cleaner will clean your floor depending on the many variables available. He will use advanced cleaning products, then use a machine or a hand scrub to wash the floor. After rinsing the area, diamond grinding, honing and polishing will follow.

4. Sealing

This is the last step of the stone cleaning process. The technician will determine which the best sealer is, then proceed to carefully protecting your precious stones.

Benefits of natural stone cleaning

Many benefits come with stone cleaning and sealing in San Ramon, CA including: 

1. Natural stones become vulnerable when removing from their natural place. Cleaning them, therefore, helps maintain them.

2. Sealing of natural stone pavers allows them to breathe while protecting it from damage.

3. Cleaning and sealing of the natural stones in your home help them to last longer under different conditions.



Natural stone cleaning and sealing is a process conducted by professionals only. The process is important because it helps the stones to survive in a condition different from its natural place thereby maintaining their worth.