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Best Upholstery Cleaning in the TriValley Area

Taking care of the sofa and other fabric covered furniture can be costly and time consuming.  In this article we supply advice for you from the experts at Hands On Earth Friendly Carpet Cleaning, Tile and Stone Restoration in best treatment practices for your upholstery.  The number one rule in care is to always treat any staining as soon as it occurs.  In order to do this safely and effectively there are a few simple steps to follow.

First step is to know your fabric.  Knowing your fabric will allow you to pick out the most appropriate cleaners when needed.  All fibers behave a little differently so it is best to review any care instructions unique to your fabric.  When we talked to the professionals at Hands On Earth Friendly Carpet Cleaning, Tile and Stone Restoration they were happy to share with us their knowledge on fabric types and how these fabrics react with different stains and cleaning products.  They recommend actually reading some of those manufacturer instruction/guidelines that come with your furnishings so you know what to do when caring for it, otherwise you can call and have an extensive educational chat with one of them.

They of course are likely to let you know immediate attention is the best kind of attention when it comes to treating stains.  You can always top spot the stain for some removal by blotting, scraping or brushing – never rubbing! – the stain.  Rubbing causes the stain to spread into the fibers.  The more you rub a stain, the more difficult it will be to get out – even for the professionals if you find your attempts are unsuccessful. 

Just like you need to be aware of the type of fabric you are caring for – know your stain, if possible, as well.  Is it water or oil based?  That will affect the best type of cleaner to use on it.  When using a cleaner, always test it in a small inconspicuous area first to ensure it won’t damage your fabric.  Then follow the cleaner directions, remembering blotting, not rubbing, is the best technique.

If you still can’t get that stain out, or it’s just time that whole piece of furniture gets clean, then go with the professionals.  The pros at Hands On Earth Friendly Carpet Cleaning, Tile and Stone Restoration serving Pleasanton, Livermore, Dublin, Danville, Blackhawk, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, San Ramon and nearby cities are great to call.  They will attempt to help you as much as possible over the phone and can be available for “emergency” stain situations when needed.  Keep your upholstery clean and looking good for a long lasting time!