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Carpet cleaning costs in Dublin, CA

When you hire carpet cleaning services in Dublin, CA from a professional, one of the things you should consider is the cost. It is important to take your time to research for a reputable cleaning company to ensure you get high-quality cleaning services. However, although the price varies from a company to another, there are factors that determine the total cost. Some of these factors include:


The type of stain/dirt

The type of stain your carpet has will determine the cleaning method to be used. In addition, the type of stain will determine whether a stain removal will be required when cleaning your carpet. If you have pets, children or you were painting your house and the carpet has stains, it is important to understand that this might affect the cost. If your carpet has stains, you will pay more to have them professionally removed. The type and size of the stain will also be a factor to consider. Pet stains are costly to remove because they sink deep into the carpet requiring more time and labor to extract them. On the other hand, light stains e.g. from food spills takes less time and hence less costly.


Carpet cleaning method

The method of cleaning your carpet will be determined by the type of carpet you have, the degree of soiling and your preference. The cleaning methods either involve chemicals, dry, steam cleaning or a combination of two methods. These methods require a different level of expertise, skills, equipment and cleaning solutions and hence they are charged differently.


Type of carpet

The type of carpet you’ve installed in your home will determine the method of cleaning to be used and hence affect the total cost. You should consult a professional carpet cleaner to know the right carpet cleaning method to use.


Square footage

Professional carpet cleaners in Dublin, CA also use the area of carpet to be cleaned as a factor to determine your cost. By using the area of the carpet to determine the cost, the professional can charge you per room or use the square footage rate. The more the square footage or the number of rooms, the higher the cleaning costs.