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Common Issues with Natural Stone Cleaning & Sealing in San Ramon, CA

Natural stone floors are better than tiles and wooden floors in terms of elegance and durability. However, they are not the easiest to maintain as several problems plague them. Fortunately, you can solve these issues by letting experts handle your natural stone cleaning and sealing in San Ramon, CA needs.

Below are five common problems of stone floors, and how cleaning professionals handle them.

1. Etching

They are whitish spots left by acid spills on the stone floor. It is common limestone and marble and rarely occurs in granite, thanks to its high acid-resistance property. Homeowners can avoid it by not using acidic cleaning products. Small etchings are easy to remove. However, deep ones require micro grinding and intensive polishing.

2. Water rings and specks

They are a common eyesore on stone surfaces. They result from calcium and magnesium deposits by hard water or areas etched by the minerals found in hard water. Marble polishing compound can remove small spots. Stone restoration equipment is used to remove severe one.

3. Stains

Stains occur on natural stone surfaces only when the surfaces are not sealed properly. Professional natural stone cleaning and sealing in San Ramon, CA service providers can remove the stains and do a proper sealing. However, it is also possible to have permanent stains.

4. Reduced stone shine

Stone floors lose their shiny look with time. Again, this problem is common in marble floors than Granite because marble is soft. Shoes and harsh cleaning chemicals are the leading cause of the loss of luster in stone floors. Fortunately, stone cleaning experts can restore it back.

5. Yellowing

Even though some stones, such as white marble, yellow with age, most of the yellowing is caused by piled dirt. While the former is irreversible, the latter can be cleaning with special polishing compounds.

The five issues with natural stone cleaning and sealing mentioned above take away from the appearance of natural stone surfaces. However, they can be minimized through regular maintenance and skilled care.