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Earth-Friendly Quality Carpet Cleaning in Lafayette, CA

Why Earth-Friendly Carpet Cleaning?


In modern times people are going eco-friendly wild, with higher awareness of global warming, pollution and other threats we are bringing on ourselves people seem to be taking a bit more thought for our world. People have looked for eco-friendly ways to clean their carpets; here, we are the most Earth-Friendly quality carpet cleaning in Lafayette, CA.


1. Arm & Hammer Baking Soda


The so called 'all-time favorite', 'Arm & Hammer Baking Soda' is a 100% natural-material based Baking Soda which can be used, efficiently to clean and remove odors from your carpet. To apply 'Arm & Hammer Baking Soda' you must sprinkle it over your carpet, leave it for as long as you like then vigorously vacuum it away.


2. Begley's Indoor Mark & Smell Remover

It's on environmentalist and author named Ed Begley for creating this incredibly effective, his fully non-toxic cleaner effectively removes odors and stains from carpets, leaving them in perfect condition. The solution is plant-based with a few other sustainable ingredients, rather than just cleaning carpets it will clean furniture and surfaces as well. To apply is simple, you pull the lever and it will spray out the ecofriendly solution leaving your carpets fresh and cleaner than ever.


3. Natural Odor Eliminator


If you have an animal or pet, then this is the perfect buy for you since 'Better Life's Natural Mark and Smell Eliminator' removes all-natural odors that could be caused by pets and other things. This could remove food stains and other annoying marks which are caused by a variety of things on your carpet. This could be use on furniture, carpet and even your laundry. Similarly, to 'Begley’s Stain Remover', this stain and odor remover is a spray and can be easily sprayed on your carpet eliminating all odors.

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