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Effective Carpet Cleaning in Lafayette, CA


It's basic fact that you just cannot get the same kind of clean from common household cleaning products as you can get from professional carpet cleaners. It's not a matter of having stronger or better chemicals, so much that in being professionals, we are highly trained to understand the cleaning needs of different types of carpeting and coming packing powerful carpet cleaning equipment that uses basic science to produce the most amazing clean. Once you see us in action, you won't believe that this thorough and comprehensive of a clean was even possible for your tired, old carpeting.


The secret lays in hot water extraction. This cleaning method is commonly called "steam cleaning," although the only steam involved is what's coming out of the carpet cleaning wand as it passes over your carpet, leaving behind beautifully clean carpet, free of stains and odor. With hot water extraction, hot water penetrates deep into your carpet fiber. The heat causes a scientific reaction with the dirt, forcing it to let go and be sucked up by our equipment. The process is fast, with water being emitted and sucked up in a single pass. This prevents saturation of your carpeting and carpet pad, but we finish every job with a thorough drying to ensure there is no residual moisture.


If you're ready to see the amazing results that professional Carpet Cleaning in Lafayette, CA can produce for your carpeting then give us a call today! We will gladly provide you with a free estimate and answer any questions you may have. Don't forget to ask about our other cleaning packages and services, such as our pet owner special!

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