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Experience Counts When it Comes to Getting Your Carpets Cleaned in the Tri-Valley Area

Do you live in the Tri-Valley Area and are looking for an experienced carpet cleaner to help get the flooring in your home looking like new again?  Then look no further than locally owned and operated Hands on Earth Friendly Carpet Cleaning.  This company based out of Pleasanton, CA has been serving the Tri-Valley Area (and areas of Walnut Creek, Danville and San Ramon) since 2003.  Run by Edwin Purselle, who has been in the carpet cleaning and stone and tile restoration business for 20 years, Hands on Earth Friendly Carpet Cleaning offers a level of service and expertise difficult to find with other carpet cleaners.

Experience the difference Edwin’s years in the trade will afford you when it comes to getting your carpets and other flooring to a pristine level of cleanliness.  Over the course of the last two decades Edwin has encountered nearly every type of carpet and stain out there so he can readily determine the best approach to your carpets and tough stains.  He will honestly advise when its time to replace your carpets and on self care tips for your carpets to keep them lasting for years and save you money.  As the owner of Hands on Earth Friendly Carpet Cleaning, Edwin personally trains each technician that works for him through an internship process to ensure they have gained the knowledge and skills needed to provide our customers the best service.

You can rest assured that if you live in the Tri-Valley Area you have a reliable, trustworthy company in Hands on Earth Friendly Carpet Cleaning whose experience you can count on for your carpet cleaning needs.  See what a difference experience can make and give them a call today at 925-872-2300.

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