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Family friendly CARPET CLEANING in Walnut Creek, CA

Nowadays, virtually every homestead has carpet . Carpets make your floor warm all seasons round. They also add an aesthetic value with their different colors and designs that merge with the existing scheme of colors in your interior. Carpets are susceptible to dust, stains, and wearing out. This necessitates the need to clean your carpet. Special detergents, cleaning materials, and procedures are required. The following techniques are vital in dealing with stains and are commonly used by any carpet cleaning in Walnut Creek, CA expert you hire.


Carpet Absorbent Technique


This method is effective in cleaning organic dirt and dissolved dirt. This involves spraying solvents on the stained area hence the carpet gets some time to soak. The soaked area is then vacuumed. Stains are cleaned out with a little effort. The carpet takes minimal time to dry with this technique.




It involves using a shampoo solution. The technique involves two methods; aerosol foam shampoo cleaning and wet shampoo cleaning. Aerosol foam involves spraying shampoo on the dirty carpet and allowing the solution to dry. Vacuuming then follows to complete cleaning. Be careful when using ammonia shampoo since it leaves a foul smell. The wet shampoo method involves soaking the carpet in shampoo solution and vacuuming to remove excess dirt.


Bonnet Technique


This technique works better for stubborn stains on specific areas of the carpet. Special biodegradable detergents are essential for this criterion. The process requires a very small amount of water.


Steam cleaning


It is the most commonly used technique used by cleaners. The carpet is vacuumed to remove excess dirt. The carpet is then cleaned with pressurized hot water to remove stains. Spray some detergent/shampoo and leave it to soak for about 30 minutes if you need to make your carpet look new. The hot water and pressure completely dissolve dirt leaving your carpet sparkling clean. This technique takes a little more time to dry thus one needs to be patient. Advanced vacuuming equipment can be used in large carpet cleaning in Walnut Creek, CA companies to speed up the drying process. This requires special knowledge.