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Five Star Carpet Cleaning in Pleasanton, CA

Hey, do you have a messy carpet? Does it have a worn down, downtrodden look as if a herd of elephants trampled through your home? If you answered yes to any of these questions then we have a carpet cleaning service for you.


Five Star Carpet Cleaning in Pleasanton, CA Business is all about turning your old beat up carpet into a like brand new floor piece. We have the right equipment, the right attitude and the right knowledge to treat your rug. Your carpet is an important part of your home and it should be treated with the utmost respect.


One of the services that we at earth friendly carpet cleaning offers to our clients is called carpet steam cleaning. This process requires the use of a heavy-duty steam cleaner that has the ability to steam a rug. Once the hot steam has used to clean the rug it will help to rejuvenate a rug's appearance by lifting the dirt out of the fabric.


The moisture is then sucked up from the rug and then it is left to dry. It will take a few hours to dry out but a homeowner will be happy with the results. This type of process is a very effective procedure for getting rid of dirt and grime from floors. As a matter of fact, it can even restore a carpet back to a new appearance.


Steam cleaning can even be used for more than just cleaning the floor. It can also be used to clean furniture as well. A person can steam clean their couches and chairs into great looking furniture pieces. These furniture pieces can make your home's furnishings look new. The carpet steam cleaning in Pleasanton, CA process is not complicated at all and it really helps to transform a home into a great place to be.