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Getting out Stubborn Pet Stains in Your Pleasanton, Livermore or Dublin Carpets (Tips for East Alameda County, CA Customers)

Pets are a great joy but as many pet owners also know they come with challenges as well – especially when it comes to keeping clean, healthy, stain free carpet and flooring.  What really is the best approach when it comes to dealing with the occasional pet stain mishap whether it be urine, vomit and/or diarrhea?  In all cases speed of response will help eliminate most problems.  When an accident does occur, clean up as soon as possible.  Use a damp towel or wet/dry vacuum to get rid of as much of the solid waste as possible.  Then use a damp cloth to dab at the spot to help absorb the staining into the towel.  After using the damp cloth, dab with a dry clothe to pick up as much of the moisture as possible.  Of course this may not always be fully effective, you may not find a pet stain until it’s too late or there may be so much moisture that it soaks into the carpet padding. 

If you do find yourself in any of these last couple of situations, it is best advised to call a professional to help get rid of the pet stain and odor for you.  Steam cleaning, such as used by Hands on Earth Friendly Carpet Cleaning based out of Pleasanton, is the only manufacturer recommended method for dealing with these types of pet issues.  Service from this company also uses various green products designed to treat the specific stain type most effectively and help eliminate odor.  They also use treatment tools, such as the water claw, to help eliminate lingering smell from deep within the pad. 

The special process called the water claw treatment is done in parts.  If the stain has soaked into the padding your carpet will be re-saturated with a concentrated mix of enzymes and deodorizer, let set for about 15 minutes, then, all the moisture will be sucked out of the carpet.  This more aggressive treatment helps remove the staining and smell even when it has soaked into carpet padding.  If this method does not work, the professionals at Hands on Earth Friendly Carpet Cleaning will advise and aid you as appropriate with replacing the ruined part of your carpet padding.  You don’t have to live with those pet stains or smell if you live in the TriValley area, just give the professional carpet cleaners a call!


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