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You can’t prevent the inevitable—like your furniture getting soiled over time. You can protect them from spills, but so long as you’ll still be sitting on them, expect them to accumulate dust, sweat and the oil applied on hands or hair. The result of which, it will become sticky and eventually start attracting dirt. Luckily for you, our company boasts a fully trained team of upholstery cleaners that promise to leave your furniture as clean as new. Read this bearing in mind that Upholstery Cleaning in Lafayette, CA is no ordinary business. For a procedure this delicate and complicated, it takes a lot experience and technical know-how in the field of upholstery cleaning to be able to do an excellent cleaning job.


For instance, every fabric has a specific cleaning solution and procedure that needs to be followed to a T. It’s because of such reasons that we retrain all of our upholstery cleaners, just to make sure they’re well equipped to clean your upholstery without bleeding out its color or leaving it watermarks creasing. Depending on your type of fabric, the team will first have to decide on whether to proceed with wet or dry cleaning once they get to your house. No need to buy a new sofa; regardless of how dirty the couch is, let the team clean it up and leave it both fresh and clean as it were when you first brought it to your house.


You also don’t have to worry about kids, pets or family. Every single one of the cleaning process used is 100% safe. All you have to do is grab your phone and contact us today for a free quotation and consultation. We’ll send a friendly Upholstery Cleaning in Lafayette, CA team, and we guarantee, you’ll no longer have to worry about dealing with dirty upholstery again. Ever.