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Natural Stone Cleaning & Sealing in Walnut Creek, CA

Is your natural stone looking dirty and dull? Could it do with a good cleaning and resealing? At Earth Friendly Carpet we know how complicated cleaning natural stone properly can be. As there are many cleaning methods that can do more harm than good.


For instance, steam cleaning damages natural stone, especially travertine or limestone. Steam pressure has no way of escaping other than expanding and breaking down mini tunnels and caves within the stone. This causes crumbling of the stone from the inside out which is not obvious until it is much too late. Scrub machines can also damage natural stone and will make a complete mess of surrounding surfaces. So, you might be asking yourself what's the right way for Natural Stone Cleaning & Sealing in Walnut Creek, CA?


Well, honestly hand cleaning and proper rinsing is the only way to go.


There are different types of cleaning. With a deep cleaning you are cleaning out the pores of the stone, and without knowledge of the right equipment, you could damage your natural stone.


Sometimes when an inappropriate product is previously used on the stone and must be removed. There could even be a buildup of coating or even wax. Cleaning this must be done with a chemical process that won't result in any dust. This stripper should be strong enough to remove whatever is built up without damaging the natural stone. That is why you'll need our Natural Stone Cleaning & Sealing.


When you trust us to clean your natural stone, our cleaning process is always done on the hands and knees. We use hand-held brushes and wipe cloths. The floor will then get a second rinse before we apply the proper sealer.


With our Natural Stone Cleaning & Sealing in Walnut Creek, CA, we make sure that our sealing prolongs the life of your natural stone, protects it from staining, and enhances its beauty. It will also prevent colored grout from bleeding into the stone.


So why wait? Call Earth Friendly Carpet today, and let's make your natural stone shine!