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Pros of hiring a professional Carpet Cleaning Service in Dublin, CA

Professional carpet cleaning in Dublin, CA should be done at least once every year in a home. However, you can have your carpet cleaned regularly depending on the traffic in your home, whether you’ve kids or pets, weather conditions and degree of soiling. Before you have your carpet cleaned, it is important to understand the pros and cons of the services.

Pros of Carpet Cleaning

Here are some compelling reasons why you should have your carpet cleaned at least once annually:

• Health benefits – your carpet flooring traps all kinds of dust, bacteria, allergens, pollen among other things that are in the air. Therefore, you should have it thoroughly cleaned by a professional to avoid developing any respiratory disorders that may result from inhaling these materials. Some people develop asthmatic conditions or get allergic infections after inhaling these foreign materials

• Increase the lifespan of your carpet – a carpet lasts for about 10-15 years if it’s properly maintained and cleaned. If you fail to maintain your carpet flooring, you will have to replace it sooner because it will have stains, odors and signs of wear and tear

• Maintaining its appearance – when you clean your carpet regularly, you remove stains and other unwanted materials to maintain the appearance of your carpet. If you fail to clean it regularly, you will start seeing spots and traffic lanes on your carpet


Although cleaning your carpet is highly recommended, there are some approaches that can damage your carpet and hurt your pocket. Some of these approaches are:

• Do it yourself – some homeowners think that they can be able to handle carpet cleaning themselves to cut the cost of hiring a professional. Although DIY is cheaper, it might turn out very costly if you don’t have the skills, experience or equipment needed when cleaning your carpet. In fact, you can damage your carpet or reduce its lifespan by using the wrong cleaning chemicals or method. Therefore, if you don’t know how to go about it, hiring a professional carpet cleaning service in Dublin, CA is the best option.