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Reliable Carpet Cleaning in Pleasanton, CA



Many homeowners and business owners wait to have their carpets cleaned until the carpets really look bad and possibly smell bad. The fibers are all matted, there may be lots of dirt and grime on the carpet and dander or hair from pets. Regular Carpet Cleaning in Pleasanton, CA and maintenance can extend the life of your carpet significantly as well as make it look great for your family and customers.


Regular vacuuming removes much of the dirt and grime, with some industry professionals suggesting that vacuuming removes as much as 79% of the soils alone. Removing spots such as spilled food and liquids also helps to preserve the carpet. Dust and dirt adhere to the sticky food or liquid, making it look worse. High traffic areas routinely look tired, matted, and maybe even dirty, while nontraffic areas may even look pristine. Move the furniture around to change the traffic patterns. Entrance areas can be particularly difficult to keep clean. Many people will place walk-off mats in strategic areas to protect the carpets. The mats can be cleaned or replaced at much lower costs than replacing an entire room of carpeting.


Regular Carpet Cleaning in Pleasanton, CA really depends on the amount of traffic and kind of traffic. Some homes and businesses may require vacuuming every day and the carpets cleaned once a month. While other areas can get by with a deep cleaning service conducted once every 6 months or even longer. Give our professional carpet cleaning company a call today. We can make an appointment on the spot to clean your carpets and provide guidelines regarding how often your carpets should be cleaned based on traffic patterns, type of traffic, and more. Cleaning your carpets regularly protects your investment.

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