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Reliable Upholstery Cleaning in Pleasanton, CA


After time, upholstery can become worn looking, stained, and attract unpleasant odors. Chairs, couches, even upholstered furniture like head boards can all attract dirt and allergens. Businesses and homes alike need to have upholstery regularly cleaned to keep a fresh appearance and smell. Appearance is the obvious factor for having your upholstery cleaned. Though still comfortable and functional, furniture can become an eye sore when it develops stains and dirt. Rather than wasting money on an expensive new piece, you can save money and have your upholstery cleaned to look like new again.


Another factor that many people overlook is the quality of the air in your home and how it relates to the health of your family. Furniture that hasn’t been cleaned in a while trap pathogens and dirt inside of its material. Fleas, bacteria, allergens, and mold can develop in fabric, compromising the air quality in your home. This can cause health risks to your family, including allergies, breathing problems, and respiratory infections. Fleas from pets can live in upholstery, causing reoccurring infestations.


Our Upholstery Cleaning in Pleasanton, CA provides a high-quality cleaning service done by certified technicians for effective upholstery care. Our professionals deliver: Professional Deep Clean. Our expert technicians use state of the art solutions for a deep, long lasting clean. Green Cleaning. We provide safe cleaning agents that leave upholstery fresh and renewed. Allergen Removal. Regular professional maintenance of upholstery prevents the build-up of dust mites and allergens. Residue Free Finish. Technicians pay close attention to detail, ensuring an effective clean that doesn’t leave a sticky residue, ensuring that dirt will not be attracted to the fabric. Durability. Keeping your upholstery clean and free from bacteria will preserve its life span over a longer period of time.