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Superior Carpet Cleaning in Dublin, CA


Every homeowner eventually learns that household cleaning products and equipment aren't enough to keep your carpeting truly clean. You can spend thousands of dollars on cleaning products, the latest high powered vacuum, the most state of the art carpet shampooer, but your carpet will still slowly lose its bright color and be susceptible to staining and stubborn odors. Too often, those cleaning products can alter the color of your carpeting, causing discoloration and even white spots. The only way to guarantee that your carpet is truly clean -and without the risk of damaging it- is with a professional carpet cleaning by someone like us.


We take extra care to ensure that only the proper cleaning products are used for your carpet type. This makes for a more comprehensive clean that not only removes dirt, but eliminates stains, odors, and even allergens such as pet dander and mites. This is an especially great result for individuals who suffer from allergies or respiratory ailments as they may find themselves having less episodes and reactions with regular professional steam cleaning.


Professional steam cleaning is the only way to remove dirt that sits deep down within your carpet fibers, evading household vacuum cleaners and carpet shampooers. But we utilize hot water extraction. This method sends hot water deep into your carpet, pulling dirt and allergens out of your carpet fibers where they are then immediately sucked up. This leaves your carpet instantly clean with just one pass of our cleaning wand. And you won't have to worry about not being able to go into your living room for hours. Water is sucked up just as quickly as it enters your carpeting, and we work to effectively remove all remaining traces of moisture before we go. If you're ready for a new type of clean, then give our Carpet Cleaning in Dublin, CA a call today!

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