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The Benefits of Having Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned in Lafayette, CA

Whether you own a residential or commercial property in Lafayette, CA, your carpeting is an investment which adds beauty to your decor while increasing your properties value. Throughout the year, your carpet will not only see miles upon miles of filthy foot traffic, but also receive splatters of mud and dirt brought in by pets and children. Mold begins to infest your carpeting once bits of food and drink sink into its pile, wrapping itself around each fiber, making it almost impossible to vacuum up. While over the counter carpet cleaning agents seem like a good idea, if not done properly, they can damage your carpeting by leaving it water soaked, which invites mold, mildew and rot to settle in.


To prevent your carpeting from becoming damaged due to the ravages of time, foot traffic, stains and spills It is important to have your carpet professionally cleaned in Lafayette, CA on a regular basis. As professional carpet cleaners, we work diligently, paying close attention to every detail, no matter how small, to ensure your carpeting receives the best care possible. Once cleaned, our staff will apply a specially formulated protectant which will protect your carpet fibers from stains, spills and odors until your next, scheduled cleaning. They will also be more than happy to discuss with you proper carpet care in between scheduled cleanings.


We recommend that you schedule regular cleanings to make certain that your carpet retains its vibrance and overall beautify. Simply contact our office to schedule an appointment, and one of our team of certified technicians will personally assess your carpeting, examining its pile, fiber and backing to ensure it is properly cleaned with the solutions made for that specific carpet type. Carpeting not only beautifies your home or office, but also functions to trap and hold bothersome allergens such as dirt, molds and dust. With, that being said doesn’t it make sense to give it the absolute best care possible? Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. All our work is carried out by experienced, certified carpet cleaning technicians who take great pride in what they accomplish. Call us today, and experience what a difference a professional carpet cleaning can do for your home or office.