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The Best Way to Care for Your Carpets in the Livermore CA Area: Advantages of Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning

Most of us know it is important to vacuum our carpets regularly to help remove the accumulation of dirt and debris.  Vacuuming should occur once a week, more if carpets see heavy traffic such as pets and kids.  Unfortunately even regular vacuuming isn’t enough to remove the accumulation of allergens, grease and other grime that can get down into the fibers of our carpets.  Another deeper cleaning method is required according to the carpet care experts and carpet manufacturers’ recommendations.  Here we discuss the pros and cons of 5 different carpet cleaning methods.

#1 The Shampooing Method

The oldest and most well-known carpet cleaning method, shampooing, involves applying hot water with a cleaning solution to your carpet.  It is applied by rubbing it in with a motorized circular brush.  As the shampoo dries, it attracts soil, which you then must vacuum out when the carpet is dry - usually the next day.

Although it seems harmless enough, the shampooing method has several disadvantages.  The motorized circular brush machines can cause over-wetting and damage to the carpet.  Often the machines leave dirt trapped in the carpet pile and detergents from the shampoo can get left in the fibers, this sticky residue will then act like a magnet for dirt.

#2 The Foam Method

With the foam method, instead of brushing the cleaning solution directly into the carpet, you whip it up into foam with the motorized circular brush.  This foam is then applied to the carpet and as it dries the dirt in the carpet is attracted to it.  Typically you let it dry for one to two hours then vacuum it out.  Unfortunately, as with shampooing, this method does not remove dirt effectively because a home vacuum cannot remove the foam residue completely. As a result, dust sticks to the residue, accumulating in the carpet.

#3 The Dry-Extraction Method

There are some professional carpet cleaning services that offer to clean without use of water.  To do this they sprinkle a dry absorbent compound on the carpet, working it into the pile with a machine.  This compound stays in place about a half hour or so attracting dirt, then it must be vacuumed out to thoroughly remove it. If you are unable to vacuum deep enough you may notice powdery residue on your shoes or the cuffs of your pants. Extremely fine powder compounds can also affect your home’s indoor air quality.

#4 The Bonnet Method

In the bonnet method you spray chemicals into the fibers of your carpet, which causes dirt to move toward the tips of the fibers.  A rotary floor brush machine with round absorbent padding attached is then moved over the surface of the carpet to remove the dirt.  Unfortunately this method often distorts the carpet’s fibers leaving swirl marks while a lot of the dirt is still left in the carpet.

#5 The Steam Cleaning Method

 The steam cleaning method uses a combination of hot water, pressure and a cleaning solution to thoroughly clean the carpet.  The water is heated hot enough to help break up grease, debris and dirt as it is pressure pumped onto the carpet.  The hot water also helps activate special cleaning solutions (some of which are made green or earth friendly) to further help pull out dirt, grease and other grime from the carpet fibers.  This water and cleaning solution is all then immediately extracted.  Carpet manufacturers recommend this method because it truly is the most effective way to deep clean your carpet.  The number one problem with this method is over soaking the carpets – it is important to apply enough moisture to thoroughly work into the carpet fibers without soaking the backing of the carpet, and extraction must be done properly as well.  This is why it is often best to go with an experienced professional carpet cleaner. 

To maximize the results of your carpet cleaning, hire a professional carpet cleaner to get the job done right. Hands On Earth Friendly Carpet Cleaning is a professional cleaning company that utilizes the steam cleaning method based out of Pleasanton, CA that also serves Livermore CA, Dublin CA, Danville CA, Blackhawk CA, Walnut Creek CA, Lafayette CA, San Ramon CA and nearby cities.

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