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The best Carpet cleaning in San Ramon, CA

Carpet cleaning in San Ramon, CA is essential in both our homes and commercial places. Carpets if not cleaned they pose a threat to the health of the people who are living in the house; carpet can hide bacteria or even objects that are hazardous. Different types of carpet require different washing material if you do not know how to wash a rug all you need is to reach us, and we will be glad to be involved.

Do you know that 70% of the allergies or cold flues are stem from carpets or area rugs? Carpet services that we offer range from;

• Carpet cleaning both commercial and residential carpets

• Cleaning of the carpet Removing stain either caused by pets or food stains, whatever kind.

• Extraction of water caused by flooding or any other reason

• We green-clean

As mentioned earlier different types of carpets are cleaned differently. Below are the brief methods we use when carpet cleaning

Hot water cleaning; also known as steam carpet cleaning in San Ramon, CA. It is involving the use of hot water that is pressurized that agitates the carpet fiber and dissolves the dirt. We execute the process through three stages. First, applying the cleaning agent in the soiled area or whole carpet, we agitate the rug using different types of brush that do not damage the rug and finally, rinse it and leave it to dry.

The foam encapsulation; it involves the use of synthetic detergents that are used as the base, which will crystallize to powder form when dried. Loose dirt particles will encapsulate to powder when the foam dries. When the foam dries, it is brushed, or vacuum cleaner. However, it is not thorough with carpets that are heavily soiled.

Bonnet cleaning; involves cleaning the top of the carpet fiber, by use of massive duty machine that as a spinning pad immersed with the cleaning solution that will absorb dirt. It is applicable where there is heavy traffic so that there is less moisture and dries quickly. Remember, this does not clean the carpet beneath.

Dry carpet cleaning; involves the use of a cleaning powder that is immersed at the bottom of the carpet, using a counter-rotating machine brush that opens the fiber and allows the compound to settle down. The cleaning compound absorbs the dissolved dirt, which is later removed at the end of the cleaning.

From the above guide, choose what is best for you and contact us, we will pick it up, clean it, pack it, deliver it back to you and spread it where it is supposed to be.