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The best Natural Stone Cleaning & Sealing in San Ramon, CA


Natural stone can look great in any home. This stone will need some care. Natural stone cleaning and sealing in San Ramon, CA services can help keep the natural stone looking good for years to come.

 Stone sealant services uses quality sealers that allow the stone to breath but will offer protection as well. Moisture will not be trapped in the stone and it will not interfere with the self-cleaning properties that the natural stone has.

 Natural stone cleaning and sealing in San Ramon, CA services can offer a pre-sealing service as soon as the natural stone is installed. This process is performed before the stone is grouted and will prevent discoloration in the stone. This will also help the grout bond to the stone.

 Cleaning natural stone is important to keep it looking great. Any soil on the surface of the stone will need to be wiped off. Most cleaning services can be used to remove excess grout, pencil markings, and other blemished that are on the surface of the stone. If the stone has suffered extreme damage deep cleaning services can be used. These deep cleaning services are safe and effective. Steam cleaning will remove most of the deep-down dirt. The dirt particles will break down and they will be able to escape through the natural tunnels of the stone. If the stone needs to be scrubbed it will be done by hand as not to scratch the surface of the stone.

 Once the stone is cleaned the professionals will give it a final and a protective seal. The stone will be protected without changing the natural surface of colors on it. The sealant can also improve the luster of the stone and make it shiny. These services should be performed by a professional, so they do not damage the original natural beauty of the stone.