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Tile and Grout Cleaning the Professional Way in Walnut Creek, CA

On the list of household tasks, the average homeowner dreads, tile and grout cleaning in Walnut Creek, CA usually ranks high. It is so easy to let this difficult job go just a little too long, which results in the dirt and staining becoming just that much harder to remove easily.


Whether you had your new tile installed recently or you have enjoyed its benefits for years, you know you chose it for its beauty and durability. Unfortunately, the grout lines can collect debris, including food, mud, dust, dirt, and other residues that can stain and even damage the integrity of the floor or walls. That gorgeous expanse of floor or crisp looking backsplash or shower enclosure starts to look tired and worn when the tile and grout are dirty.


One of the challenges of dealing with dirty tile and grout is the unfamiliarity many homeowners have with its proper care. If the tiles were in your home when you moved in, you never received instruction on how to maintain it. Even if you arranged for or installed the tiles and grout yourself, you may not have understood completely how it was to be maintained.


In addition, tile and grout cleaning needs special equipment and effective products to give the best results. Determining what are the best tools and then operating them effectively can be a real struggle. Over the counter cleaning products often do not do the job as well as they promise and can be harsh or even dangerous to use.


The answer is to partner with a professional tile and grout cleaning company with trained staff, powerful equipment, and experience in making tiled and grouted areas look like new again. The investment made in the tile surface is protected best when experts are providing the cleaning.


Give us a call at Earth Friendly Carpet to schedule a grout and tile cleaning in Walnut Creek, CA. Once you see the difference a professional treatment makes you will never go back.