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Top-Quality Area Rug Cleaning in San Ramon, CA

Carpets are meant to give a source of comfort to our homes, yet they can also be the source of hidden unwanted colonies of pests if not properly taken care of. This leaves your family vulnerable to illnesses and allergy flare-ups. A regular professional cleaning is highly recommended.


Vacuuming can reduce this problem, however, just walking on the carpet drives these pollutants deep inside the fabric where a normal vacuum can't reach. This is often overlooked even by most professional cleaners, but not Earth Friendly Carpet. We do area rug cleaning in San Ramon, CA the right way and eliminate those microscopic bugs that make you and your family feel not so great. 


We provide a long lasting deep clean and kill all your unwanted pests with a completely safe bio-degradable cleaning agent that does not leave behind any residue. Our cleaners are fast drying, which usually takes between 2 and 10 hours to dry. This depends on the size of your area rug because we clean every single square inch thoroughly. If you have furniture sitting on the area rug, we'll even move it, even the smallest spot will not go uncleaned. If you get our area rug cleaning services, you will never want another company to clean your carpets again.


All our cleaners are IICRC certified and we are a proud member of Ethical Services. We have a highly experienced professional team that is friendly and respectable to you and your carpets. When you get an area rug cleaning in San Ramon, CA with us and are not completely satisfied with our performance, you'll get that service on us. 


At Earth Friendly Carpet, we know exactly what solution with be right for your carpet, and after our cleaning, your carpet will look as if it came straight from the store. Don't wait, pick up that phone and call Earth Friendly carpet. Give your favorite rugs the make-over they deserve!