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Top Upholstery Cleaning in Lafayette, CA



Accidents can happen as was the case yesterday when you spilled a large full mug of black coffee on your couch. It stained the seats and splashed on one of the couch’s arms. The stains look terrible and could not be removed with the household cleaning agents you had on hand. Coffee stains are hard to remove from fabric and can get worse if they are not properly cleaned. We recommend that you call us to remove the stain from your couch. Our Upholstery Cleaning in Lafayette, CA technicians are well experienced and have the skills and expertise to lift and remove the stain without damaging the chair’s upholstery.


We use modern techniques and equipment to neutralize and then gently lift and remove the stain. When the process is complete, that stain will be gone and your chair will be spotless. Our crews are well trained and highly skilled and know what they are doing and will not be beat when it comes to professional upholstery cleaning services. If you hire us, we guarantee that your chair will be stain free and will look pristine when the job is complete.


The equipment we use is safe and will not rip, pull or stretch the fabric on your chair. Plus, the cleaning agents we use will not fade, bleach or discolor the material and will leave your chair looking brand new. We offer the best and most reliable services in the region and will not be outdone by the competition. If you want your chair to be effectively cleaned and want it to be stain free, we assure you that our Upholstery Cleaning in Lafayette, CA is the best offered in town. Contact us today to make an appointment if you want your chair to be completely restored.