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Types of professional carpet cleaning in Dublin, CA



Regular carpet cleaning can prevent accumulation of dirt, dust and even mold growth. It’s recommended that your carpets should be cleaned at least twice every year. However, due to some circumstances, this schedule may fail to work especially if there’s huge foot traffic on a daily basis such as in offices. Professional cleaners should do the cleaning because they come with high powered equipment that eliminates moisture. Below are some professional carpet cleaning methods. In most cases, carpet cleaning companies use 2 cleaning methods. The wet cleaning method utilizes water together with some cleaning products to eliminate dirt. On the other hand, the dry process involves a cleaning powder which is applied on the carpet fibers and later removed with the use of a vacuum cleaner.


This is the most common wet cleaning method used today by professional cleaning companies. Many people think that it’s steam cleaning although it’s not. It’s just hot water that has a huge pressure. This high pressure normally forms a high-pressure spray. The hot water is injected at the base of a carpet fiber, which loosens the dirt and sucks it back into the cleaning machine via a high-pressure vacuum.


This carpet cleaning method involves no water. Here a cleaner will spray an absorbent compound on the carpet and use a brush to spread it through the carpet. Next, both the dirt and residue are taken up by a vacuum cleaner. The benefit of this technique is that the carpets dry instantly and people can walk on them freely. It’s mostly used in commercial premises where people work on a daily basis and doesn’t interrupt any activity. Hire professional carpet cleaning in Dublin, CA today and get your carpet cleaned well.